Sunday, April 15, 2018


USD/JPY (XM Daily Chart)
The pair is currently breaking the short term channel where the price has been fluctuating since february, it seems it will look for a resistance level at 107.88 in the very short term, probably tomorrow or tuesday, once ther we can start looking for some short trades at that level.

USD/CHF (XM Daily Chart)
The price seems to be still very sticked to the upper channel and just now looking at the next resistance level al 0.9675 its a good chance for looking for opening long trades at the market price until it gets closer to the previously mentioned level.

EUR/USD (XM Daily Chart)
The Euro is still going up, and there are no notable signs that indicates that the price will go down, however though, the current price matches a resistance level that was tested back in 2012 at 1.2340, if this level is tested again we will probably see a retracement of a considerable amount of points, we´ll see.

GBP/USD (XM Daily Chart)
The pound, same as the Euro, is currently moving up and looking forwart to hit the next historic resistance level, in this case the most important level will be until it test 1.4677, about 40 pips from the current market price, once there we can start looking for some reversal opportunities in the short term.

AUD/USD (XM Daily Chart)
The pair has been moving in a down trend since january, however, at this point seems to be testing the level at 0.7773, if it crosses over the trend line it will probably break the two month down trend to look for a level over 0.8, we will see where this pair is going to go over the week ahead.


Friday, April 6, 2018

This trading week ends today with great results, some negative pips, some other positive but at the end the balance worked in our favor, basically because of a proper risk/reward management, we’re lookimg forward to a sustainable growth along a great trading system, for us and for our suscribers, cheers and a happy weekend for everyone!!
Ronald David Fallas
CEO/Trader @ C&S Trading Co.

Saturday, March 31, 2018


My signal providing service is now live, this signal is product of a lifetime project i´ve been working on, recently i decided i couldn´t wait any longer so i decided to create this signal provider to show what my trading system is capable of, the main concept relays in basic technical analysis and no surprising and fancy robots or indicators, at least for now, the rubber band keeping the good work analysing the markets and the good results is the money/risk management, after years trading of multiple ways i discovered that the key is always the risk management, through using the right stop loss-take profit and risk/reward ratios to take as much positive pips from the market as we can. I hope many people can support this project along, for more information please suscribe to my website, or write me at 


Ronald David Fallas 
CEO @ C&S Trading Co.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

FX Market Trading Ideas GBP/USD

Take a look at this trading oportunity at GBP/USD currency pair, Short at market pricewith a stop loss at 1.4147 and a profit target at 1.4019, at this moment we´re currently passing by the Japanesse session and the pair seems like is going down for the night here in america, my indicators are all sincronized but just in case use a tigh stop loss to reduce risk, because the pair is quite not as volatile as expected with anothers you must wait for a turn in around a 50% of the movement of the passing day as in the american session, take a look at my twitter for more signals and valuable information like this. Cheers…

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Check out this trading oportunity AUD/CAD Long

Check out this engulfing pattern that is currently been formed in the 15m chart in AUD/CAD currency pair, in my analysis this is a pretty decent long signal for the pair, easy way to start the week with some pips, for more stick around to my site or follow me on twitter @rdavidfallas, cheers!